Features and Benefits of WDY Enterprises, LLC End-User Services

WDY Enterprises, LLC has significant expertise and infrastructure for the operation of Internet Services. As an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we are focused on community-level access, where we provide the basic services without the overhead of maintaining massive content farms or expensive advertising campaigns. By streamlining our operational model, we're able to offer services at a price point below most competitors.


Electronic Mail-Only Services

Starting for as little as $1.25 per month!

In keeping with the community access computing model of the Greater Columbus Free-Net, WDY Enterprises provides an e-mail only service for users who wish to receive messages to usernames @gcfn.org or @freenet.columbus.oh.us. Users of the e-mail only service must provide their own Internet access (dialup with another provider, public wireless or computing facilities, broadband, etc) to use this service.

E-Mail Service Features and Benefits
  • Retrieve mail how you want: POP3, IMAP over SSL, POP3 over SSL, or webmail!
  • SMTP relay services
  • Receive e-mail @gcfn.org and @freenet.columbus.oh.us
  • 250 MB guaranteed e-mail storage for your account
  • User-controlled e-mail policy options, including:
    • Forward your incoming e-mail to another account, automatically
    • Autoreply to messages as they're received when you're on vacation
    • Re-take control of your "Inbox" with advanced anti-spam and anti-virus technology.
    • Set different threshholds -- quarantine or delete messages that contain malicious content... at the same time!... based on your individual tolerances.
    • Use trusted "whitelist" address lists and reject messages based on "blacklist" address lists.
    • Stay in control -- the system will report on its activity for your account on the schedule you set!