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Please note that we recommend Mozilla Thunderbird for e-mail with WDY Enterprises for its stability, security, and overall functionality. Internally within WDY Enterprises, we use Mozilla Thunderbird to manage our e-mail, on every platform that its available for.


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The use of a mobile device to retrieve e-mail is not a recommended
application for people who do not have significant expertise in
managing their e-mail already.  While this application is powerful and
convenient, it also can run up connection charges, misdirect your
e-mail, and generally make a pain of itself.

It is usually necessary to make changes to your workstation for things
to work even close to normally.  In addition, your workstation must
"leave mail on the server".  Even so, there are situations where your
mobile device will not receive messages that appear on your

You must have appropriate service from your wireless communication
provider to use a Blackberry to retrieve e-mail from WDYLLC.

You can configure your Blackbeery to retrieve e-mail using any
Internet-connected web browser.

1.  Go to your Blackberry Internet service page:
    (link accurate as of June 24, 2007).

2.  Click on your cellular carrier link, towrd the bottom of the page
    and log in.  Note that you may need assistance from your wireless
    provider to complete this step.

3.  Access the 'E-mail Accounts' section and click on the 'Setup Account'

4.  In the add e-mail account section, put in your e-mail address (for
    example,, along with a password you select.

5.  The website may fail at verifying the account, because it guessed
    the mail server to use.  Select "I will provide the settings to
    add this e-mail account" to manually provide the necessary
    settings for a POP/IMAP Internet Service Provider e-mail account.

6.  Enter the appropriate account credentials:

    E-mail address:
    User Name:		USER
    Password:		PASSWORD
    Server Type:	POP3 (IMAP is reported to also work)
    Use SSL:		should be checked
    Port number:	995 (if POP3)
			993 (if IMAP)

    Replace the e-mail address, username, and password with YOUR
    information.  It can take some time for the account settings to be
    pushed out to your Blackberry.

    *** NOTE that if you do this, you are providing your account
        password to a third-party.  This exposes your account to
        possible theft and identity theft.

	William Yang, of WDY Enterprises, had this to say:

	"It's a significant risk.  My initial reaction to how
	Blackberries work makes me uncomfortable, from a security
	standpoint.  Given how broadly Blackberries are deployed, I'm
	virtually certain that Blackberry provider Research In Motion
	(RIM) has taken measures to protect this extremely critcial
	information.  Unfortunately, I'm not privy to the necessary
	information from RIM to assess whether those measures are
	reasonable, appropriate, or adequate.  Before anyone uses a
	Blackberry, they should be aware of the risks, understand the
	potential consequences of a breach, and determine that this is
	acceptable in comparison to the benefits that Blackberry can

You are strongly encouraged to review these settings and other
preferences to meet your specific needs.