Contributed Documentation

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Please note that we recommend Mozilla Thunderbird for e-mail with WDY Enterprises for its stability, security, and overall functionality. Internally within WDY Enterprises, we use Mozilla Thunderbird to manage our e-mail, on every platform that its available for.


If you find any inaccuracies or errors in contributed documentation, please communicate to us the nature of the error and what you've done to address it.

The use of a mobile device to retrieve e-mail is not a recommended
application for people who do not have significant expertise in
managing their e-mail already.  While this application is powerful and
convenient, it also can run up connection charges, misdirect your
e-mail, and generally make a pain of itself.

These instructions are reported to have worked on a PalmOS
Internet-ready phone (Treo 650) using the VersaMail application.  

In VersaMail on your Palm device:

1.  Go to Accounts / Accounts Setup and click on "New"
2.  Settings:
    Name:         GCFN.ORG
    Mail Service: Other
    Protocol:     POP

    click NEXT

3.  Setings:
    Username:     [your username]

    You may assign your password if you desire.

    click NEXT

4.  Settings:
    E-mail address: [USERNAME]
    Incoming Mail server:
    Outgoing Mail server:

    click NEXT

5.  Click Advanced.

6.  Incoming Server Settings:

    Click the "Use Secure Connection (SSL) button, this will change
    the port to 995 as well.

    Click NEXT.

7.  Outgoing Server Settings:

    Click the "Use Secure Connection (SSL) button
    Click the "Use authentication (ESMTP) button.

    You should not need to change your username and/or password.

    Click DONE.

By default, VersaMail will leave e-mail on the server and will not
delete anything there, so your desktop should be okay.  However, you
are strongly encouraged to review these settings and other preferences
to meet your specific needs.