Configuration of Microsoft Outlook Express

Images may vary slightly from platform to platform (these images were captured on Windows XP; there are both cosmetic and substantive navigation differences on other platforms).


As of Monday, November 28, 2005, Microsoft Outlook Express is not a recommended platform for e-mail with WDY Enterprises. While we will continue to fully supported Outlook Express because of its high level of market penetration, we recommend the use of Mozilla Thunderbird for e-mail with WDY Enterprises.

1. Setting up an account

First things first. Start creating an account. If you're already using Outlook Express, you'll find the option to create and modify your e-mail account on the "Tools" menu as "Accounts" Depending on what you're doing, you may want to edit an existing e-mail account, or you may need to create an entirely new account.


If you're using Outlook for the first time, you should go ahead and create a new e-mail account.


To create a new mail account, click on the "Add" button and select "Mail..."

2. Setting your name

You can set your name to be whatever you want, but be warned that this is what will actually appear on your outgoing e-mail messages. Your user agreement does not require that you put the correct name in the "Your Name" field -- it really can be anything you want.


3. Setting your e-mail address

If you set your e-mail address incorrectly, others won't be able to reply to your e-mail messages. Depending on the circumstances, sending e-mail that can't be responded to (configurd to use an incorrect e-mail address) may be perceived as an attempt to violate the terms of your user agreement with WDY Enterprises.



4. Setting Server Names

Your incoming mail server should be set to "", and your outgoing SMTP server should also be set to "". We recommend that you use POP or POP3 with e-mail at IMAP mail is also available, but we leave its use as an exercise to the reader; one should only use IMAP if one already understands how to use it effectively. While its use is permitted, the use of IMAP without proper care and training is likely to result in lost or misdirected mail.


The use of HTTP-based e-mail retrieval in Outlook Express with WDY Enterprises servers is not supported. If you wish to use HTTP-based e-mail with WDYLLC services, you must use a web browser.

5. Setting authentication information

In order to successfully retrieve or send e-mail, you will need to configure Outlook Express to answer our authentication requests. Your username is whatever is to the left of the '@' symbol in your e-mail address; if your e-mail address is "", then your username is "gcfnuser".


6. No, you're not really done yet!

You're more than half-way done, but there is more to configure before your e-mail will work properly.


7. Enter e-mail account properties

Highlight the appropriate e-mail account, and click on "Properties" so that you can complete the configuration of your account.


8. Account Properties - Servers Tab

The use of WDY Enterprises' Outgoing e-mail server requires authentication.


9. Account Properties - Advanced Tab

  1. Different versions of Outlook Express need to be set to use different settings for the outgoing mail.. We recommend that you try the following settings in the order listed, and use the first one that works.
    DescriptionSMTP portSecure connection
    SMTP (advanced)25Yes
    SMTP (basic)25No
    If you can't get e-mail to work using port 465, port 587, or port 25 following the encryption settings described in the table above, you probably will need advanced technical assistance from WDY Enterprises to be able to send e-mail, or will need to change to use a different e-mail client.
  2. (Optional) We also recommend that you check "server requires a secure connection (SSL)" and update the port to 995 for your incoming POP3 mail server. This option helps to protect your username, password, and e-mail messages from being captured or viewed by others as it travels across the Internet.


When complete, click on the "Apply" button, then the "OK" button.

10. Finishing up

Close the Internet Accounts window, and you should be ready to go.